Hey friends! What a month I’ve had! Our political climate has kept me in a constant state of anxiety, and I’ve also been prepping for a big move (Which happens on Wednesday! Finally!). I’m back to more regular blogging though, so here’s some motivation for your Monday!

+ The Reverend Nate Craddock answers the question, “Why Church?” in this great blog post. Definitely check it out if you’ve been feeling disenchanted by the church scene.

+ If you’re looking for a quick Bible study that will fill you with hope, check out Sharon Miller’s study of Philippians, “Defiant Joy”! Joy in the face of cynicism is just what we need right now, amen?

+ Estelle performs a song from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe and it’s exactly what we need to bring us a little hope and happiness in this weird, weird time.

+ August means back to school which means transition! If you’re in a time where things are changing all around you, check out this blog post from Cultivate What Matters.

+ Repeat after me: Our brains love routine. Routine is good. Now go read Emily Ley’s blog post about it.

Have a great week friends! You can do it!

Here’s a playlist to start your week strong!

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